Projects – Implemented passionately just in time

Safely, quickly, flexibly.

We travel to the end of the world for you and personally ensure that your transport goods arrive reliably. By our worldwide network, we guarantee you the fastest route from A to B and constantly keep you informed. Waste no time – with us, you are absolutely secure!

Our job

  • Planning the fastest route for your transport
  • Collection of your transport goods by our flexible employees
  • Personal company and secure handover to the recipient

Experiences of our team

„In 2015, we carried out an on-board courier to an Australian oil platform. The inquiry was received at about 6 p.m. A small spare part for a power plant which had been nearly 6 months in special production had to be shipped from Bremen to Perth the fastest way possible. We immediately started with our work and provided the customer our offer the same evening. The next morning, our on-board courier directly went on his way to Bremen, accepted the spare part and directly went to the airport in Frankfurt from where he flew straight to Perth via Singapore.

In total, we traveled 42 hours and thus had chosen the fastest route for the customer. Our OBC has been in contact both with the consignor in Germany and with the recipient in Australia during the entire trip and constantly made updates. Finally, everybody was very satisfied with our service, our flexibility and the promptness of our team. Each additional day on which the spare part had not been in Perth would have cost our customer several ten thousand dollars.“