Sea freight – Cost effective and globally in perfection

Tradition still endures. Sea freight, as one of the oldest types of freight transport, still plays an important role. A tradition that belongs to our daily business routine. Get the right solution for planning your transport. Proved methods pay off and bring your freight safely from A to B.

Much more than just loading

Customs clearance, transport, safe arrival. Sea freight links the world. It requires complex processes and very precise planning before ships go on their journey to get the transport goods from A to B. We have a profound understanding of sea freight and know the various possibilities ocean freight offers to you.

Our job

  • Clearance and safe loading of your transport goods
  • Customs clearance, controlling, selection of the mode of transportation
  • Handling of transport insurance as well as acceptance of your transport goods in the port of destination

Experiences of our team

I escorted a very special transport when I was told to ship the original Ferrari from the famous eighties television program „Magnum“ for one of our clients from Los Angeles to Hamburg. Shortly before, the customer had bought the piece of jewelry from a museum which needed some space for a new exhibition. I offered the customer these two options for shipping his car: As Ro-Ro (roll on and roll off) where the car is driven into the ship and lashed down at a position or as FCL/FCL. Here, the car is loaded into a container and lashed securely. The customer decided according to our recommendation for the FCL/FCL method.

From escorting a vehicle transportation truck including security to the museum, over the loading and escorting of the Ferrari to the port of Los Angeles as well as the export customs clearance up to precise loading of the car into 5.86m wide containers we took care of everything on the spot – finally, there was no stress for the customer.

Finally, after the control of the ship’s departure in Los Angeles, I was at the port of arrival in Hamburg in time to guide the arrival of the transport goods and to securely handle the project. After offloading, I was preparing customs entry, approval of the title and the loading to the vehicle transportation truck so that our customer just had to pick up the car to bring it to registration office. As scheduled by us, the car arrived without any damages and without any delay. That’s just the way successful logistics should be when there is more to observe that just transport, like in this example. As the carrier often does much more than just that.