Garments on Hangers

Customized solutions in textile transport

An established product to most recent standards is exclusively available from KDI Premium Logistics: sustainable, cost and time-saving. We are the world’s first company to have recyclable systems for Garment on Hangers immediately available for you and tailored to your requirements in a flexible way.

Your benefits with our innovate product at a glance:
Cost-intensive return transport of the containers to the seaport of destinationSavings by return transport to the next domestic container yards
Environmentally harmful with respect to incurring scrap metalrecyclable systems
Lack of availability of GOH containersflexible use of standard containers
High transport costs of containers that can only be used onceSavings of transport costs by bunched system return
Costly disassembling of non-recyclable systems15-minute disassembling of the systems

Green GOH-Systems

We use recyclable bar systems in standard see freight containers.
This is not just beneficial for the environment but also offers advantages for the shipping agent.

GOH Transports by sea freight

  • No bottlenecks in the availability of GOH special equipment
  • Lower costs compared to the use of equipment of shipping companies or other non-recyclable systems
  • After unloading, the containers can be returned at in-country depots rather than at the sea port – in this way, transport costs will be saved and CO2 emissions are reduced

Variable components:

It is possible to adjust the installed components according to the wishes and needs of the supplier. Also factors such as climate or material of the textiles to be loaded are taken into consideration.