Nice to know about Japan

Punctuality in Japan
Punctuality is a major issue in Japan. Even in the rush hour, when the trains transport millions of people through Tokyo, particular attention is given to ensure that the trains depart on time. In case of a delay, however, the train travelers will receive a certificate for the employer in which the railway excuses for the delay of the employee.

If you visit a restaurant in Japan the first things you get are moistened towels as well as water or tea – free of charge. The moistened towels are intended for cleaning your face and your hands. In summer, the towels are refreshingly cool, in winter, however, you get warm towels.

Behavior on public transportation
Many foreigners are surprised how quiet it is on public transportation in Japan. The use of mobile phones is prohibited and even when talking to somebody you should do it without disturbing your neighbor. Even eating is rarely really wanted on public transportation.